At QDL Contractors Ltd, we now specialise in quality repairs and resurfacing of damaged items and surfaces. The results of the repairs are of an exceptionally high standard with a finish that is virtually as good as new.  We can repair almost any hard surface bringing it back to their original condition, some examples of surfaces we can repair or resurface include:

Kitchen Units
Baths, Shower Trays, Basins
Windows, Doors.
Powder – Coated Surfaces
Laminates, Veneers
And so much more

We aim to save our customers the money they would spend on replacements.  Whatever your requirements please get in touch with a member of the team at QDL Contractors: 01443 412485 or

Some Examples of customer transformations:

1 – Extended and respray of shower tray

2 – PVC repair on Bathroom Window

3 – Han basin repair

4 – Crack in a bath – repaired and resprayed

5 – Crack in Shower tray repair

6 – Worktop repair

7 – Changed colour of kitchen cupboards

8 – Caravan Repair

9 – Built in toilet unit repaired